#6 LINKSOP # matchurl

#6 LINKSOP # matchurl


Hi Guys :)

After a month I am Sitting again to share an another method which is also paying good amount. This one is very easy and simple.

Linksop is one of the highest paying URL shortener without captcha that pays $12 for New Zealand. You can redeem a Minimum of $5 amount through PayPal, Paytm, UPI and Payoneer every Month. You can even see the user’s Payment Proof on this website that they have earned.  

Just fill up your details on their home page Linksop or you can click this new account registration link given here:  https://www.linksop.com/?ref=7ty9z7vwf7r9

Note: - When you first login for the first time after signup, don’t click on any links. It will open some links which are not so good to see. So just minimize your browser after first login.

Then just go to my account option where you can find link shortener option there. Fill up the details and verify your email id & mobile number for completing process of registration.

After that just paste some shortened links in some group or use it on Facebook, Twitter etc. Just keep on sharing these kind of posts with some smiley (:D) with different social media profiles like Facebook , Whatsapp etc.  You can even make a free blog at blogger .

Its not necessary to share only shortened URL link consider sharing other contents like Videos, Gifs , Quotes etc.

Points to Note: -

1) There is no min payout limit but you can cashout only when you have $5 in your account.

2) You can get more points by verifying mobile number and email id. Points are 25 for mobile verification and 10 for Email verification. So it’s a good idea to verify both of them before start sharing links because it will help you in future in case if any thing wrong with payment proof link you have uploaded so far.

3) Your earnings from PayPal withdrawal is up to $100 .  PayPal Payment takes around 5 days maximum time after request has been submitted so please keep this mind while withdrawing money from PayPal.

4) There is a referral scheme on Linksop that will help you to earn more by sharing your referral link with friends and family members.

Earnings from Referral scheme: -

1) You will get 10% of earnings of your friend as well as your friends also gets 25 points for verifying their mobile number and email id. So its a good idea to share this kind of post with some smiley (;D )with all social media profiles like Whatsapp , Facebook etc .

2) Every month you can receive $0.50 per referral (one time payment). This depends upon the referrals paying then only you will receive money. For example, if one person has three referrals each earning $0.30 per month then after 3 months, you will receive $0.90 from each referral. If the same person has five referrals and each is earning $0.30 per month, for three months, you will receive $1.50 from them every month. It’s totally up to your friends that how many people they have referred and how much money these referrals will be earning in a month because this all depends upon the contents shared by users on linksop .

Minimum Payout: -

The minimum amount available to be withdrawn from Linksop is US$5 (or equivalent in NZD), which can only be done via PayPal or Bpay . The payout option becomes available once you have earned at least US$5 over a period of time. The minimum amount required to be redeemed by PayPal is US$10 (or equivalent in NZD).

You can earn unlimited money from Linksop but try only to share good contents like Quotes, Whatsapp Status, Pics , Ratings etc because there are many spammers who just copy pasting links on social media profiles.

Linksop Minimum payout $5 Minimum cashout Paypal/Bpay Payment Method PayPal, Bpay Referral Scheme 10% Pofile creation link: - https://www.linksop.com/?ref=7ty9z7vwf7r9

Earnings Proof 1) You can also see the payment proof of other users on this website that they have earned so you can also upload proof of your earnings.

Earnings proof 2) Apart from this if you have any question or doubt about linksop then check their FAQ section which will help you to clear all doubts.

Earnings proof 3) You can even find the links of other social media accounts on this website so just go there and follow them for more updates . Here are some links: -






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